VeeOne Health Brings Tele-ICU Benefits to CommonSpirit Health

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VeeOne Health is proud to announce that our Tele-ICU physician services are now in deployment at CommonSpirit Health™, serving the telemedicine operations venture of Dignity Health® and Catholic Health Initiative (CHI) hospitals. The group encompasses 137 hospitals and more than 1,000 care sites across 21 states. CommonSpirit has begun rolling out VeeOne Health Tele-ICU in Texas and California with a view to expanding it systemwide.

VeeOne Health’s physician services connect medical specialists with patients quickly, and in a way that optimizes the specialist’s time. VeeOne Health’s network of critical care specialists includes doctors who are board-certified in Critical Care and typically includes other specialties such as Coronary Care, Surgery, or Pulmonary Medicine. While it can take hours before a busy onsite specialist can visit a patient during the day, VeeOne Health Tele-ICU physicians have a response time of less than 5 minutes, allowing for patients to be seen in a much more efficient and timely manner. As a result, VeeOne Health Tele-ICU optimizes staffing while improving patient response time and services.

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VeeOne Health Delivers Economy and Savings

For healthcare organizations, cost has been a key barrier to deploying a telemedicine solution: the cost of an on-the-floor intensivist runs at least $500,000 per year. Organizations can reduce staff cost by utilizing VeeOne Health tele-physicians, saving up to $1.5 million in physician costs per facility.

Some hospitals, as in the case of CommonSpirit Health, do not have an ICU doctor on site at all times. By using VeeOne Health’s Tele-ICU services, physicians are able to keep patients who would normally have to be transferred to another location. The patient’s discomfort can be minimized by not having to be moved, and both the patient and patient’s family won’t have to travel far away. For example, complex ARDS (acute respiratory distress syndrome) patients, who would normally have to be transferred to a tertiary care center, are now able to be kept in the hospital through having VeeOne Health Tele-ICU services.

Reduction in facility transfer can save hospitals around $1.2 million per year.  Our online calculator can show you how much you will save over a traditional telemedicine solution, depending on the size of your facility, number of beds, and other factors.

Telehealth solutions like VeeOne Health’s Tele-ICU services point to a healthcare future where physicians can be far more productive, and patients can get far better care. They have been instrumental in helping Covid-19 shut-ins access the health services they require from their own homes or hospital beds. VeeOne Health is also leading the way by helping facilities better manage critical care staffing and services. Working with VeeOne Health provided a “seamless rollout” of the services, according to a Clinical Program Manager at Dignity Health Telemedicine Network.

Contact VeeOne Health today to learn more about improving care through VeeOne Health telehealth solutions. For more about our rollout of Tele-ICU services for CommonSpirit, see our press release.


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