A teleintensivist offers the best of both worlds. With VeeOne Health’s Round & Response model, the teleintensivist conducts ICU rounding and quickly responds to sudden changes in a patient’s condition. The specialist coordinates care with the patient’s physician, with hospital staff, and with family members.

The result? Timely, data-driven decisions, the ability to manage higher acuity patients, and fewer costly or unnecessary transfers.
Research has found

“Investigators found that hospitals using Tele-ICU support experienced a greater reduction in transfers of ICU patients to other facilities than hospitals that did not use the services. Additionally, mortality did not change when more patients were treated locally through Tele-ICU.”

Fortis, S. et al. (2018). ICU telemedicine reduces interhospital ICU transfers in the Veterans Health Administration. CHEST, 154(1), 69 76.

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