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More than video conferencing

Video conferencing platforms are great collaboration tools for many industries, but healthcare is a different world with important considerations, and very different, specific needs and priorities.

When it comes to serving your patients, you need a platform that is secure, reliable, interoperable, and easy to use.

You need to be able to assure your patients that their privacy is always intact, and you need to know that you are using a platform tailormade for healthcare use cases.

Built to support the needs of your medical practice

Our platform was developed by physicians and healthcare IT experts with the specific needs of physicians in mind, so that you can deliver the best possible care to your patients.

VeeOne Health empowers you to automate scheduling, streamline clinical workflows, and rapidly connect providers and patients — plus so much more.

VeeOne Health Benefits


HIPAA-compliant software, advanced encryption and data scrubbing ensure patient privacy.


No more dropped calls. VeeOne Health provides the high-quality audio and video you need to do your job.


VeeOne Health integrates seamlessly with your existing EMR/EHR and PACS.


Our solutions can easily be deployed across the entire healthcare system.

Hardware Agnostic

No need to buy expensive equipment. VeeOne Health works with your existing hardware.


Customizable to the unique needs to each client and their specific use cases.

Improve communication between your providers, patients, and their loved ones


Built-in translation services

Get an interpreter on the call in less than 2 minutes. Our platform connects you with on-demand interpreters for more than 230 languages, including ASL.


Multi-party HD video

Improve communication and collaboration by inviting family members, caregivers and other specialists to the call.

Named 2020 Telehealth Entrepreneurial Company of the Year by Frost & Sullivan

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