It shouldn’t take 7 apps to conduct 1 telehealth visit.

VeeDoc provides everything you need to serve remote patients across the entire continuum of care.

Robust, powerful and easy to use

Now you can examine and treat remote patients, document your notes and collaborate with other clinicians — all in one app.
Average ramp-up time: Less than 30 minutes

VeeDoc is so intuitive, most teams only need 20 minutes of training

Created by physicians. Designed for doctors, healthcare systems and patients.

Frustrated with the inefficient and cumbersome telemedicine technology at their hospitals, VeeOne Health’s co-founders decided to take matters into their own hands.

Together, they designed a revolutionary virtual care solution — one that was optimized for the needs of physicians, healthcare systems and patients.

Simplifying virtual care

VeeDoc is an integrated, comprehensive solution that works with all of our products.
Let us show you how VeeDoc makes treating remote patients easier than ever.

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