You have a great team.
We’re on call to support them.

VeeOne Health’s virtual care specialists are on call 24/7 to help your team deliver the comprehensive care patients need and deserve.

Trusted by healthcare systems around the country

Supporting your team across the entire continuum of care

Emergency departments, hospitals and clinics are being told to do more with less — without sacrificing patient safety or satisfaction. Our Physician Services help your team maximize every minute and every dollar by providing 24/7 access to an army of board certified virtual subspecialists.

The best virtual care specialists. The fastest response times.

When a patient needs you, every second counts.

Average VeeOne Health provider response time: less than 3 minutes

VeeOne Health benefits

Let us help you stand up a comprehensive virtual care program that makes it easier, faster and more affordable for your team to deliver lifesaving care.

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