To Healthcare Systems in Disaster-Affected Areas: We Want to Help

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This has been a devastating week for thousands of people across America due to the natural disasters currently sweeping the nation, from Hurricane Ida to the fires rampaging across California. VeeOne Health wants to help.

In an effort to support healthcare systems in disaster-affected areas, VeeOne Health will be offering free VeeClinic licenses to all hospitals and clinics serving affected populations.

VeeClinic is a virtual care solution designed for outpatient settings, enabling physicians to treat patients remotely from the convenience of their mobile device, tablet, or computer. Patients and providers connect via a secure, single-use link used to initiate the secure telehealth session on any device. VeeClinic integrates with a hospital’s existing technology, as well as their EMR/EHR.

VeeClinic can be deployed immediately to assist disaster-affected healthcare facilities and help manage the surge in patient numbers, providing a safe way for affected individuals to receive medical care and guidance during times where travel might not be an option. Additionally, it can provide support to medical staff and systems as they work to efficiently serve their populations. 

VeeClinic has proven to be instrumental for doctors and patients alike during the pandemic, affording a convenient and safe platform for physicians to deliver care remotely. We are confident that our platform can help during this crisis.

To get more information about how VeeOne Health can support your organization during this time, please feel free to contact us: