VeeOne Health Delivers Advanced Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) with BioIntelliSense FDA-Approved Wearables

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At VeeOne Health, we are continually improving our platform, through internal innovation and by integrating technologies from third parties. We are partnering with BioIntelliSense, Inc. to integrate Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) into our Virtual Care as-a-Service (VCaaS) platform. BioIntelliSense creates the most advanced solutions for wearables and patient monitoring, and through this partnership, we bring VeeOne Health customers the ability to remotely monitor vital signs at home or via in-patient communication.

BioIntelliSense offers the FDA-cleared BioSticker™ and medical-grade BioButton™ ‘stick it on and forget it’ multi-parameter wearable devices. The advanced biosensor technology and analytics allow for continuous vital sign monitoring of temperature, heart rate, and respiratory rate at rest along with other physiologic biometrics to enable early detection of adverse vital sign trends. Early detection of reduced or elevated vital signs can help patients avoid potential complications, costly ER visits and readmissions. 

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Unlike traditional RPM, which is costly and complex to deploy and delivers only episodic measurements, the combined VeeOne Health and BioIntelliSense capabilities provide a high-resolution, longitudinal view of a patient’s health status. Specifically, traditional RPM provides only periodic snapshots of a patient’s vital signs, while the VeeOne Health/BioIntelliSense solution delivers a continuous data feed.

VeeOne Health’s industry leading virtual care technology, applied analytics, and proven SaaS platform integrates with BioIntelliSense medical-grade wearables to provide an end-to-end RPM suite that delivers actionable, multi-parameter data to the clinician. The combination supports a range of clinical use case applications for in-patient status monitoring and post-discharge surveillance of patients with complex care needs. For example, patients at home (whether recovering from illness or with chronic conditions such as Long-Haul COVID-19) can use the system to enjoy the same level of confidence in their vital signs readouts that they would have if there were in the physician’s office or hospital. The VeeOne Health-BioIntelliSense partnership is another indication our virtual-care-as-a-service platform can be.

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