Highlights from HIMSS ’22

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VeeOne Health’s second showing at HIMSS was a success! Members of the health tech community gathered once again — this time in Orlando — from March 14-17th, for the 2022 Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS) Global Conference.

It was great to be back in person as a team and with the healthcare community at large. We had a wonderful time meeting everyone who stopped by our booth, and getting to have detailed conversations with folks about the challenges they’re facing at their hospitals and healthcare systems. We had a lot of fun getting to demo all of our solutions, and share more about our platform and how it works across the continuum of care.

We were especially happy to see all the interest in our remote patient monitoring (RPM) solution, VeeGo 360 — which had a new release just before HIMSS.

Some of our new VeeGo 360 features include:

  • The flexibility of continuous and/or intermittent monitoring
  • A device-agnostic application that gives patients and providers broad choices
  • AI and machine learning-based prescriptive analytics that can alert care providers when patients reach certain threat levels
  • Complete integration into the comprehensive VeeOne Health telehealth platform, which delivers everything including specialist access, virtual visits with built-in language translation, credentialing, billing, and revenue cycle management.

As always, we’d love to thank the HIMSS team for doing an excellent job organizing the event and once again facilitating a great show. We can’t wait to see everyone at HIMSS ’23 in Chicago!

Here are some photos of our awesome team members and their thoughts on this year’s conference:

“ I’ve been to numerous health care conferences, including HIMSS, but I noticed an energy in this HIMSS regarding evolving or transforming our healthcare system. It wasn’t just the normal how can we improve on the current system but how can we change the system. Clearly, virtual healthcare along with value based payments have the industry rethinking.”

Ed Leer, SVP Business Development

“HIMSS showcased the importance digital health companies are placing on connected care at home and innovative approaches to vitals monitoring”

Savan Patel, VP Customer Operations, RPM

“Meeting other people at HIMSS who have a passion for health care technology was a great experience for me. We all have one common goal: How can we deliver better, more timely health care to people who need care quickly? Waiting weeks or months to see a specialist is not acceptable and creates undue suffering. VeeOne Health can help solve that problem and working with health care providers to help them deliver excellent and timely care is an honor.”

Kristen Jumps, Business Development Manager

“HIMSS was a great experience this year compared to most; I have been to a few in the past — even last year’s, which was the first one after pandemic restrictions were being lifted. This year was extra special as we noted larger attendance, which meant more leaders/champions in the healthcare space really looking for unique platforms that could be customized for their needs. Everyone who I talked to had stood up virtual care for their organization that either was not meeting the needs, or was difficult to navigate with their workflows that providers/physicians are working under. In addition, a number of people were looking for solutions that focused on chronic care management and/or population health management and discussed with me the areas that they were looking to tackle within their organization. Really enjoyed the conversations as it validated the areas we were focusing on and had created, but also additional areas we can add to enhance our solutions to meet the demands of the changing landscape of healthcare.”

Dr. Shaji Skaria, VP of Clinical Solutions & RCM

The VeeOne Health sales team strikes a pose

“VeeOne Health had a very successful HIMSS with a lot of interest in VeeOne Health’s unique vision of virtual care as a service across the continuum of care. Personally, I was excited to see the interest of healthcare leaders in VeeOne Health’s RPM/CCM VeeGo 360.  It was great to see normalcy coming back to HIMSS after two long years. The healthcare industry continues to grow, embracing the latest trends in technology like AI/ML, edge computing, big data, wearables etc. VeeOne showcased their latest products, including VeeGo 360 patient-at-home monitoring. With VeeOne’s patient-at-home monitoring platform, we are completing our vision for care continuum to track patients across their journey wherever they maybe. VeeOne’s R&D is working on bringing AI/ML to complement our products to make them smarter so that providers and patients get a better and intelligent experience on VeeOne’s platform.”

Abdul Rahim Khatri, CTO

Ed Leer, SVP of Business Development, going over our RPM solution, VeeGo 360 with a visitor

“The number one thing I realized from speaking with virtual care leaders from across the country is that there’s a shift in mindset from reacting to the pandemic to strategically building and consolidating virtual care programs. It’s no longer keeping on the lights. It’s complete healthcare delivery transformations.”

Julian Graham, Business Development Manager

Our Director of Global Alliances and Partnerships Kevin Leal demos VeeKart
Our systems engineer Ahmed Siddiqui and business development manager Cayden Orred demo VeeKast

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