HIMSS 2021 Wrap Up

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VeeOne Health’s first time exhibiting at HIMSS was a success! On August 9-13th, folks from the VeeOne Health team convened in Las Vegas for the 2021 Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS) Global Conference. Our team members had a fantastic time meeting everyone who stopped by our booth, demoing our solutions, unveiling our innovative new RPM platform, VeeGo 360, and sharing VeeOne Health’s vision of one virtual care platform for the entire continuum of care. Especially after the hardships of the past year-and-a-half, getting to see everyone in person was exciting and rewarding.

We were thrilled to see a great deal of interest from those that stopped by our booth about our:

  • New remote patient monitoring platform, VeeGo 360: all-in-one RPM platform with seamless real-time communication and clinically-accurate continuous and intermittent monitoring, promoting deeper patient-physician collaboration
  • Live interpretation services and multi-party video functions, built right into our platform, supporting 40+ languages to break down barriers of accessing quality healthcare – live interpreters, specialists, and family members can join a call in just minutes.
  • Single virtual care platform serving the entire continuum of care – from hospitals to the home
  • Access to a network of 3,000+ board-certified specialists for support and 24/7 coverage
  • Completely hardware independent technology, letting facilities leverage their existing equipment — from TVs to carts.

We would like to thank the HIMSS team for doing an excellent job organizing the event and ensuring the safety of all attendees. For those who could not attend this year, we hope to see you at HIMSS ’22 in Orlando, Florida! Here are some photos of our awesome team members at HIMSS and their thoughts on the experience first-hand.  

“Demoing our products at HIMSS was a major success! Many of our prospective clients (including international) were delighted to see the use of multi-interpretation services on our platform. Regardless of whether I invited an interpreter in Chinese, Arabic, Spanish, or American Sign Language, interpreters joined the call within 30 seconds! Not only were our prospective clients impressed, but those response times even impressed me! We all had a good laugh when some of those prospective customers tested our interpreters using different dialects. We are looking forward to demoing the next versions of our products at HIMSS 2022 in Orlando!”

Nabeel Saleem, Director of Product & Program Management

“HIMSS was a fantastic experience. After the events of the past year, it was great to reconnect and meet with leaders within the health technology industry, share insights and help VeeOne Health gain recognition across the USA. In particular, watching people’s reactions to witnessing the entirety of our technology offerings being demoed and truly witnessing how we cover the entire continuum of care was a fantastic experience. All in all, it was great to be with the whole team in person and see each individual truly shine.”

Sancha Spiller, Business Development Manager

“I really enjoyed HIMSS; it was such an energizing and rejuvenating experience to be a part of. Everyone who stopped by our booth was enthusiastic and passionate about different telemedicine solutions and I am glad we were able to demonstrate our vision and platform with people who are innovative on how virtual care is delivered. It was exciting to see these industry leaders impressed with VeeOne Health’s forward-thinking vision and how it aligned with their own thought leadership. The biggest takeaway was having genuine conversations, building relationships, and learning what other industry leaders are doing and how each one provides virtual care.”

Dr. Shaji Skaria, VP of Clinical Solutions & RCM

“Even though this year’s HIMSS was dialed back in terms of participation, there was still a lot of excitement for having HIMSS back in-person. Since the past year and half, COVID has changed our lifestyles with a lot of businesses moving online, so it was refreshing to see people face to face again. 

VeeOne Health had a very successful HIMSS with a lot of interest in VeeOne Health’s unique vision of virtual care as a service across the continuum of care. Personally, I was excited to see the interest of healthcare leaders in VeeOne Health’s RPM/CCM VeeGo 360 platform, which will be a game-changer for patient care at home. VeeGo provides the final piece in our continuum of care vision which spans from acute to ambulatory and finally home care. There will be a lot more to share at HIMSS ’22 for which we are genuinely thrilled.”

Rahim Khatri, CTO

“It was fantastic to meet face-to-face with our customers and partners, as well as our whole national/international team, at HIMSS21 this year. I think everyone was really excited to be having in-person interactions for the first time in a while. The VeeOne Health booth showcased our unique solutions and workflows across inpatient, outpatient, and home and really showcased how care can be transformed using these solutions.  There seemed to be a buzz in the air about what we were showing in the VeeOne Health booth as individuals came up to us saying, ‘I was told I really needed to see your demos.’ Overall, the interactions were thorough and much longer than typical HIMSS events and we really enjoyed hearing all the stories of how organizations were planning to leverage virtual care in the future.”

Kevin Leal, VP of Sales

“HIMSS was an absolute validation for our technology team. Executives are realizing that using separate vendors for inpatient and outpatient telehealth is causing disjointed workflows. Throw in 3-4 RPM devices and your odds of duplicate data and poor patient experiences grow exponentially. The way we work across the continuum of care definitely turned some heads.”

Julian Graham, Business Development Manager

“HIMSS21 was a great experience, not only was it a successful event from a marketing and sales point of view, it was an opportunity to bring us closer together. This event will forge strong bonds that improve communication and teamwork in the workplace.”

Dr. Arshad Ali, President and Chief Medical Officer

“It was very exciting to see the engagement around virtual health and the feedback from attendees was staggering. While VeeHealth has a solid customer footprint on the west coast, hundreds of booth visitors were pleasantly surprised to see what a single platform with the same user interface across the entire care continuum actually looks like. VeeOne Health’s simple, modular approach to provider services, hardware and the VeeDoc platform is very attractive to IT teams looking to mature and consolidate multiple solutions as part of a strategic roadmap.”

Peter Strecker, Senior Director of Business Development