VeeOne Health to Showcase Next RPM Innovation at HIMSS 21 Conference

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Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) is the next major frontier in telehealth. Patients get better care, and healthcare facilities and practitioners work more efficiently when those with chronic illnesses can be monitored at home or office rather than having to report to a hospital or clinic. As a first-time exhibitor at HIMSSS21, to be held August 9-13 in Las Vegas, we are excited to be sharing our new RPM innovation. We’ll be at booth #7621 located in the Venetian-Sands Expo Center.

RPM is the next level of telehealth and VeeOne Health’s new offering will enable device management, teleconsults, and monitoring services, representing the only true, all-in-one RPM platform available today. This will represent one of the only services to offer clinically accurate continuous and intermittent monitoring, and accommodates a wide array of FDA-approved medical-grade devices such as continuous monitoring devices and wearables from its partnership with BioIntelliSense.

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VeeOne Health’s technology enables physicians and staff to monitor patients in real-time, receive and share patient data, and use patient-centered tools remotely as if they were in the room with the patient. RPM offers several key benefits:

  • Better post-acute care outcomes: Patient coverage no longer must rely on a physician being on site. Patients can be discharged while 24/7 data sharing continues. This gives patients the added confidence of knowing their physician has up-to-the minute information on their recovery status, and physicians always have the latest patient data.
  • Empowering patients: Patients may or may not manage their care at the level they need when at home. VeeOne Health makes it a simple task for patients to record data like glucose levels, so they stay on track with effective self-care and their physician can see whether they need another consult or treatment adjustment.
  • ROI: There are huge cost savings for healthcare systems by enabling high-risk patients to immediately consult with the care team. This helps eliminate costs and unnecessary time spent by enabling prompt responses to urgent patient care issues.
  • Higher staff efficiency: More patient self-reliance with RPM contributes to greater staffing efficiency. In a Health Financial Management Association report, “Sara Vaezy, MPH, MHA, chief digital strategy and business development officer at Providence St. Joseph Health in Seattle, cited a greater than fourfold improvement in staffing ratio made possible by having patients input their indicators remotely. The nurse-to-patient ratio increased from 1:25 to 1:100.”
  • Reduced readmission rates: RPM can cut hospital readmission rates since providers can use data sharing to diagnose and treat many patients before hospitalization. The University of Virginia Center for Telehealth reported hospital readmissions decreased by more than 40 percent through UVA’s Care Coordination Remote Patient Monitoring Program.

Participation in HIMSS21 continues our market leadership in bringing the most advanced RPM services to benefit patients and physicians. Stay tuned for our formal announcement explaining what VeeOne Health’s powerful platform and analytics will bring to the RPM space by integrating revolutionary wearable devices with VeeOne Health’s complete telehealth platform. It continues our vision of creating a singular virtual care platform that covers the entire continuum of care—from hospitals to homes.

If you’re interested in learning more about our RPM innovations, come visit us at HIMSS booth #7621 to see for yourself.