VeeOne Health Announces Plan to Change Name to VeeOne Health; Maps to Company’s Mission to be One Solution for all Telehealth Services

New name reflects company’s expansion in offerings across the entire continuum of care

Roseville, CA – September 15, 2021 – VeeOne Health, provider of the complete telehealth platform for the full continuum of healthcare, announced plans today to rebrand the company to VeeOne Health. The name change follows the company’s evolution into providing a single telehealth platform to serve all the needs of healthcare systems across the entire continuum of care.

“VeeOne Health started as a telehealth services provider over five years ago and has evolved into a complete one-stop-solution for everything related to telehealth across the entire continuum of care.  “The new name, VeeOne Health, incorporating ‘one’ and ‘health’ speaks to our evolution into a singular entitythat provides one virtual care platform for everything related to telehealth,” said Ijaz Arif, VeeOne Health CEO and chairman. 

This complete spectrum of care includes technology solutions for inpatient, outpatient clinical setting, remote patient monitoring (RPM), and hospital at home. It also provides operational support for customer service, credentialing, billing, and revenue cycle management.  “With VeeOne Health we continue to offer full services across 40 specialties, serving all 50 U.S. states and over 3,000 licensed providers,” Arif said.

VeeOne Health’s solutions cover the entire continuum of care across three categories:


  • VeeKart: Software and hardware for telehealth visits
  • WoW kits: Hardware to convert existing nursing carts into VeeKarts
  • VeeKast: A low-cost solution that includes the software and hardware to transform a TV screen into a plug-and-play telehealth endpoint
  • VeeDoc: One platform for providers to meet with patients with easy notes, scheduling, multi-party video, circle zoom, PACS/EHR integrations, and built-in secure messaging
  • VOYCE partnership: Enabling 40+ language interpretation services
  • VeeOne OS: One system for the entire telehealth visit, including no call center scheduling and visitations
  • VeeClinic: Clinical setting for real-time consults and integrated with patient portals. VeeClinic provides easy scheduling, automatic appointment reminders and HIPAA-compliant messaging, and supports multiple workflows
  • VeeGo 360: Enables device management, teleconsults, and both 24/7 and intermittent monitoring services. It is one of the few fully integrated RPM platforms available today that offers continuous monitoring through its partnership with BioIntellisense, as well as intermittent monitoring


  • Credentialing: Everything necessary to ensure telehealth providers are fully verified in credentialing, licensing, and privileging
  • Billing: All the legwork to lower expenses and increase returns
  • Revenue Cycle Management: Provides TCO, ROI, and pro forma analysis using VeeOne Cal for reimbursements and medical coding related to all telehealth services
  • Customer Service: Dedicated 24/7 customer service to ensure zero downtime for a telehealth system


  • Complete offering: Covers over 40 specialties across virtually every telehealth service line
  • Geographic coverage: Providers licensed and credentialed in all 50 U.S. states
  • Large network: Over 3000+ providers in the VeeOne Health network
  • Ancillary offerings: Provides services from physicians, nurses, licensed social workers, and more

“Our new name speaks to our mission, which is to reimagine healthcare delivery by empowering providers with innovative technology that expands access to quality care, simplifies the physician experience, and, most importantly, saves people’s lives,” said Dr. Arshad Ali, VeeOne Health President and co-founder.  “We chose our new name to reinforce our vision, as the first end-to-end virtual care solution to address the needs of patients, providers, and healthcare systems at every stage of the patient journey.  Our differentiated value proposition is that you can either go to many different vendors for your telehealth solutions, or just VeeOne Health to have it all in one complete solution,” he noted.

About VeeOne Health Inc. (formerly VeeOne Health Inc.)

Based in Roseville, CA, VeeOne Health is a global leader in the Virtual Care as-a-Service (VCaaS) space, focused on virtual technology, physician services, and operations. Founded in 2016, VeeOne Health has the most advanced telemedicine solutions for the entire continuum of care — from acute care settings to outpatient and remote patient monitoring. For more information about VeeOne Health’s vision for the future of telemedicine see