The VeeOne Couch Series: How to Cope during Difficult Times

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It is inevitable to try and hide the feelings that we are currently experiencing after hearing about the tragedies that have been going on lately. If you’re like me, your heart is heavy and you are experiencing many emotions. I am here to tell you that it is okay to not feel okay. People are experiencing anger, sadness, anxiety, and some may not even know how to articulate the feelings they are experiencing and that’s okay, too.  

Here are several tips to help during these times: 

The first tip is to not dismiss your feelings. If you feel sadness, let your heart feel the sadness; and if you need to cry, go ahead and cry. Times are hard and we are all human. Second, if you need to stop what you are doing and talk to someone, please do so. Venting can be a great tool to process our emotions. Venting can even take the form of writing or drawing what we are feeling in the moment. There are also warmlines — peer-run hotlines staffed by volunteers who offering callers emotional support — that you can look to for help, based on your state. NAMI has a list of their warmline numbers HERE.  

I find that a quick break from social media helps, too. Several platforms will repeat the same news and will have different opinions. It’s okay to give your mind a break. Spending time with loved ones also provides comfort. Doing self care activities that provide emotional regulation will help tremendously. Also, be sure to acknowledge stress reactions and changes in behavior such as a change in eating habits, sleeping patterns, and energy levels. If you are experiencing big changes, it is always helpful to get support from a licensed professional. Lastly, remember you are not alone and help is out there. 

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