VeeOne Health and BioIntelliSense Partner to Advance Remote Patient Monitoring Care with Continuous Vital Sign Data and Clinical Analytics

VeeOne Health’s telehealth platform and BioIntelliSense’s industry leading wearable technology combine to give patients the next level in medical-grade remote care

ROSEVILLE, Calif. and DENVER, May 11, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — VeeOne Health, a provider of a Virtual Care as-a-service (VCaaS) for the full continuum of care, and BioIntelliSense, Inc., a continuous health monitoring and clinical intelligence company offering a medical-grade Data-as-a-Service (DaaS) platform, today announced its partnership that provides scalable Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) by integrating the most advanced technology in wearables and analytics.

Unlike traditional RPM, which is costly and complex to deploy and delivers only episodic measurements, the combined VeeOne Health and BioIntelliSense capabilities provides a high-resolution longitudinal view of a patient’s health status.

“Traditional RPM is like a photograph, providing a snapshot of a patient’s health, as opposed to our continuous data service, which is like a high resolution 4K video that offers a composite view,” said James Mault, MD, CEO of BioIntelliSense.

VeeOne Health’s class-leading virtual care technology, applied analytics, and proven SaaS platform integrates with BioIntelliSense medical-grade wearables to provide an end-to-end RPM suite that delivers actionable, multi-parameter data to the clinician. The combination supports a range of clinical use case applications for in-patient status monitoring and post-discharge surveillance of patients with complex care needs.

“Remote patient monitoring is a reality as the COVID-19 pandemic has encouraged patients to seek alternatives to receiving health care on site. Our partnership with BioIntelliSense enables us to give patients the freedom and flexibility to receive medical grade remote care, but with the same level of confidence they would have if they were at a clinic or physician’s office, or even in the hospital. By giving patients an effortless wearable experience to seamlessly capture continuous vital sign data via our telehealth platform, healthcare systems can deliver the absolute, most advanced RPM care,” said Dr. Arshad Ali, chief medical officer and president, VeeOne Health. “The future is RPM, for both the health care provider and patient. We are pleased to be at the forefront of this exciting trend by partnering with innovators like BioIntelliSense.”

BioIntelliSense offers the FDA-cleared BioSticker™ and medical-grade BioButton™ ‘stick it on and forget it’ multi-parameter wearable devices. The advanced biosensor technology and analytics allow for continuous vital sign monitoring of temperature, heart rate, and respiratory rate at rest along with other physiologic biometrics to enable early detection of adverse vital sign trends that may avoid potential complications, costly ER visits and readmissions.

To support virtual care, provider organizations are able to leverage the 2021 CMS Medicare RPM codes at a facility and physician practice level to expand their programs. The FDA-cleared BioSticker and medical-grade BioButton devices qualify for reimbursement under the technology code of 99454.

About BioIntelliSense

BioIntelliSense is ushering in a new era of continuous health monitoring and clinical intelligence for Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM). Its medical-grade Data-as-a-Service (DaaS) platform seamlessly captures multi-parameter vital signs, physiological biometrics and symptomatic events through an effortless patient experience. The FDA-cleared BioSticker™ and BioButton™ devices make remote monitoring and early detection simple. Through the platform’s advanced analytics, clinicians will now have access to high-resolution patient trending and reporting to enable medical grade care at home. For more information on how BioIntelliSense is redefining remote patient monitoring through medical grade and cost-effective data services, please contact us at or visit our website at

About VeeOne Health, Inc.

Based in Roseville, CA, VeeOne Health is a global leader in the Virtual Care as-a-Service (VCaaS) space, focused on virtual technology, physician services, and operations. Founded in 2016, VeeOne Health has the most advanced telemedicine solutions for the entire continuum of care — from acute care settings to outpatient and remote patient monitoring. For more information about VeeOne Health’s vision for the future of telemedicine see

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