Marlette Regional Hospital Partners with VeeOne Health

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VeeOne Health is pleased to announce a partnership with Marlette Regional Hospital to add telemedicine consults to their robust services available to patients

ROSEVILLE, CA — May 24, 2022 — VeeOne Health, a US-based provider of a complete telehealth platform and services for the full continuum of healthcare, today announced that specialty consultations through telemedicine will be available for cardiology, nephrology, neurology, pulmonology and psychiatry patients admitted at Marlette Regional Hospital (MRH). Additionally, VeeOne Health will have a telemedicine hospitalist available for Marlette patients during the night and on some scheduled weekends. 

MRH patients may see a provider through this telemedicine technology. For families that are not able to be with the patient for these consults, this platform allows MRH to invite them to the consult via technology that allows them to be part of the consultation in real time.

“We’re very excited to be part of Marlette Regional Hospital’s strategic plans to improve access to care of the communities they serve,” said Dr. Arshad Ali, president and chief medical officer at VeeOne Health. “Our goal is to decrease the disparities in access to care that plague our health care system and we applaud Marlette Regional Hospital’s leadership team for their strategic vision to leverage technology to improve access to world-class, board-certified specialty care for Marlette and the surrounding communities.”

MRH Hospital has partnered with VeeOne Health to provide its patients with a one-stop solution for all telehealth care services close to home. This added service is just one of many ways MRH is continuously improving the quality of health in the communities served by the VeeOne Health solution.

About VeeOne Health Inc.

Based in Roseville, CA, VeeOne Health is a global leader in the Virtual Care as-a-Service (VCaaS) space, focused on virtual technology, physician services, and operations. Founded in 2016, VeeOne Health has the most advanced telemedicine solutions for the entire continuum of care — from acute care settings to outpatient and remote patient monitoring. For more information about VeeOne Health’s vision for the future of telemedicine see