VeeOne Health telephysicians

deliver value for emergent and acute care​

PREVENT TRANSFERS Telephysicians expertise keeps patients under your roof.

BOOST RESPONSE TIMES — Telephysicians can treat high-acuity patients within minutes.

IMPROVE PATIENT OUTCOMES Access to timely telephysician care produces better results.

REDUCE READMISSIONS​ alerts for negative trending vitalsTelephysicians continuum of care puts patients on the road to recovery.

A turnkey telemedicine platform offers seamless integration​

VeeClinic is an integrated, comprehensive solution that works with all of our products.

VeeOne OS
VeeOne Health’s world-class cloud-based operating system supports effortless communication among on-site staff and telephysicians, while delivering critical information to administrative teams.
VeeOne Health - OS
VeeOne Health’s platform-agnostic application allows telephysicians to connect from any Internet-connected computer or iOS device, and then access PACS, utilize multi-party video, and enter encounter notes on a single portal.
VeeOne Health’s lightweight telemedicine carts feature medical grade monitors, remote control pan-tilt-zoom cameras, long battery life, and everything a telephysician needs to examine, diagnose, and treat patients.
Discover how VeeOne Health can transform the way you deliver healthcare.